Ward Cunningham

I began exploring graph databases when federated wiki became large enough to be an interesting graph in its own right. Several projects later I became aware of the connection with domain-driven design.

Eric Evans reminded me that there was more to his notion of ubiquitous language and that I was stumbling into it. See Context Map and related patterns.

Emily Hyland encouraged some radical simplification of the programs I had been using. We had a short time working together inspired by Spirit Scientists

Work here is informed by my more detailed work on the enterprise-wiki project El Dorado.

Substantial portions have been contributed to the open source. See About the El Dorado Project

# Related

Airbnb says, In our model the relationships are just as pertinent as the nodes. Knowing who produced or consumed a resource is just as valuable as the resource itself. Relationships provide the necessary linkages between our siloed data components and the ability to understand the entire data-space. medium

Aleph's Entity Extraction, Document Processing, and Knowledge Graphs For Investigative Journalists with Friedrich Lindenberg. podcast

Building A Knowledge Graph From Public Data At Enigma With Chris Groskopf. podcast

Neo4j Online Meetup #33: Breaking down enterprise data silos with Neo4j. video slides

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